Is Tea Good For You? Health Benefits Of Tea.

Oct 21, 21

Is Tea Good For You? Health Benefits Of Tea.

Is Tea Good For You?

Health Benefits Of Tea.

If you love tea, you might be wondering which choice to make when you are looking at tea with benefits for your health.

Tea with benefits for your health is not as hard to find as you might think since most teas offer up lots of great health benefits that you will not get from other drinks.

This is even true of coffee, so if you love a little caffeinated pick me up during the day, tea is an overall better choice for this need.

If you are trying to decide between a whole different variety of teas with health benefits, you might be struggling to narrow the decisions down to one or two choices for your daily routine.

This list can help you to find the proper tea with the right health benefits for your needs.

Teas With Benefits for Your Health

  • White Teas

White teas are some of the mildest and most enjoyable teas that you can pick from.

They will have a small amount of caffeine in them, and they will have catechins and tannins that can help keep your teeth and bones strong, make your hair shiny, and your skin looks refreshed.

These are also great teas for the prevention of inflammation and stomach and gut health.

White teas are some of the nicest to choose for your enjoyment if you don't like teas with intense flavours and you do not want jitters that can come with black teas and their higher levels of caffeine.

Another benefit to white teas is that they can often be shared with children and guests because their flavour profile is mild and pleasant.

  • Herbal Teas

These are among the most potent teas to drink if you want access to a whole host of health benefits. Chamomile teas and peppermint tea are made for soothing upset stomachs and helping with overall relaxation and better sleep.

They also have a lot of excellent antioxidants in them that can help you stave off cancer and diabetes as well as control appetite and prevent spikes in blood pressure.

Rooibos tea can help you to improve your blood circulation and heart function, as well as to improve allergies and to keep your skin and nails healthy and strong.

Ginger tea offers the chance to treat nausea and digestive issues and improve joint pain and muscle pain.

Picking from these teas will offer you the chance to balance out the benefits that you want to gain for your health and make sure that you can keep yourself feeling great and energised for whatever the day brings your way.

  • Green Teas

Green teas are from China, and they were used for centuries as medicinal agents as well as for tea ceremonies and enjoyment.

Green teas are high in flavonoids related to heart health and can help with mental acuity, and can also stave off Alzheimer's and other kinds of mental conditions.

Green teas can be purchased in flavourful varieties that have been handled through one processing method or mild varieties that have been lightly handled and thus have preserved more of the floral and green taste to the tea.

Liver health, heart health and lung health have all been tied to these teas for centuries, and you will find that some varieties have a really great stable caffeine boost that can help get you awake and moving each day.

  • Black Teas

Black teas are made from Camellia Sinensis Plants, and they offer the most robust flavour and the most caffeine of many of the varieties that are sold in the US.

Many people choose these teas as their go-to each day because of the rich and dark flavour as well as the caffeine boost.

Black teas are often blended with other teas to create unique flavour profiles that you can enjoy.

You might find that you like a strong and straightforward breakfast tea, but there are also fruity blends sold with black tea as the base.

Black tea is also commonly used in making kombucha due to its rich flavour profile and solid and recognisable taste.

Black teas are perfect for gut health and can support healthy kidney function and great skin and nails.

People also see benefits to cuts and bruises and muscle soreness when they drink black tea daily.

This kind of tea has also been linked with improved mental acuity and long-term mental well-being, making this a great choice if you are worried about having issues with memory loss as you get older.

  • Oolong Teas

These are ancient tea varieties that are also from China. These teas are minimally oxidised to get the health benefits of green tea with some of the flavour notes of black tea.

This is a classic choice for support of anxiety, arthritis pain and also Parkinson's. These teas are also well-known to reduce inflammation and helping keep your heart healthy.

Some studies have also linked Oolong teas to diabetes management through blood sugar control.

Picking the Right Tea Can be Easy

Armed with knowledge about what each tea variety can do for your overall health, you should feel reassured that you will be able to find the right tea variety for your needs.

There are many great teas on the market in the US that will offer up a whole host of great health benefits, and you will be missing out if you are not adding these teas to your daily diet.


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