Best Herbal Tea for Constipation and Stomach Upset

Mar 04, 21

Best Herbal Tea for Constipation and Stomach Upset

We've all been there. For one reason or another, your stomach is just not behaving as you wish it would. You might have tried over the counter remedies but still don't feel better. For some people, the digestive upset is a more common occurrence due to illnesses or medications. Incidental occurrences like food poisoning can also cause lingering GI upsets that do not take care of themselves without some assistance. While there are over the counter medications for all of these ailments, likely, they will not treat all of your concerns, and they have their own side effects.

Whatever the reason that you are struggling to feel better, these teas will help you to get rid of that pesky constipation and get back to feeling great!


Senna: This is a well-known laxative that has been used since ancient times in many remedies. It is made from the dried leaves and pods of the Senna shrub. It contains the same compounds that makeup over the counter laxatives. It is highly effective and also safe. You can drink more tea if the first dose does not help you. As with any such medication, you will want to be sure to give the tea at least a few hours to take its course before you take another dose.


Peppermint: Long held to be a classic remedy for digestive upset. It has a mild taste and helps with nausea, and the menthol in the mint will relax an upset stomach and bowel. This is a great daily preventative to add to your daily routine to help prevent future stomach upset. It can help at the time of illness as well, but it is just as good to add as a remedy to your daily routine.


Ginger: Ginger is a classic herb that is used to soothe the digestive tract and hold nausea at bay. It is also a great way to help digest a large meal or after an illness. For some, ginger helps with digestion and can improve daily stomach issues. Ginger is a common ingredient in motion sickness remedies for this reason, and it is a perfect way to recover from the flu for this reason as well.

Marshmallow Root

Marshmallow Root: This tea has a soothing quality and helps calm the lining of the GI tract. It also has a laxative effect. This is a good tea to take if you are taking antibiotics or another medication that has caused your GI tract to become inflamed. Be careful to allow time for the first cup of tea to work. You may not need a second due to the strength of the laxative effect.

All of these teas can help you to feel better right away when you are dealing with an upset stomach, and all of them can be added to your daily routine to prevent recurring discomfort. Always be sure to drink enough fluids throughout the day, as any digestive upset will be likely to be paired with dehydration for a variety of reasons.


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