What is Red Clover Tea and What Can it Do For You?

Mar 02, 21

What is Red Clover Tea and What Can it Do For You?

Red clover is a herb that many people are not very familiar with. It is a great herb that can be used for various health purposes, but one of the best ways it can be used is in tea. Red clover is made from the dried tops of the flowers from the clover plants.

Red clover has a lovely flavour, and it appeals to many people, even those who don’t drink tea regularly. This is a tea that is too powerful to drink more than two cups a day, but that means that you will get the maximum health benefits easily in any given day.

Hot Flashes

Treats Hot Flashes: This herb has been linked to menopause support, but it can also help younger women to treat hormonal imbalance. Red clover increases and supports oestrogen levels, making it a great way to treat hot flashes and some of the other unpleasant symptoms of menopause.


Treats Arthritis: Red clover is also a really great anti-inflammatory, and it treats arthritis and other inflammatory conditions easily and effectively. Since the tea is made from the plant’s flowers, most anti-inflammatory properties are preserved in the tea-making process.

Skin and Hair

Improves Your Skin and Hair: Due to its oestrogenic properties, red clover tea can help support healthy skin and hair and can make sure that older women do not struggle with hair loss or skin conditions as they move through menopause.


Treats Loss of Energy: For those struggling with energy levels, this tea can help you get your vim and vigour back. It supports healthy blood flow to the organs, and it offers up a whole list of healthy antioxidants that support energy. If you have been feeling a little under the weather or slowing down a little, this tea can help you get back to your old self.

This is a strong tea and, as mentioned before, due to the tea’s oestrogenic properties, you should be sure not to drink more than two cups a day. For women who experience spotting or other hormone change symptoms when they start drinking it, reducing their intake to one cup a day usually resolves these issues.

This tea should not be given to children due to its ability to increase oestrogen in the body, and men should be aware that they may not want to consume more than a single cup a day for the same reason. If you are an adult female with ongoing hormone support needs, this tea will likely help you feel like your old self and get your energy back.

Herbal teas are one of the best delivery methods for hormonal imbalance support, and red clover tea is one of the best teas out there to provide this help when needed.

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