About Us


What Is My Life Tea?

My life tea is all about drinking tea to improve your life, and there’s no better way of describing this than the tree of life.

It is depicted in many of the worlds mythologies, religions and philosophical traditions. It is also closely related to the concept of the sacred tree.

Our teas have all come from various herbs, roots and flowers that give you the power to be the best version of yourself.

By nourishing your body with elements that it requires to function at your fullest potential. 


The story behind the tea names comes from one of our favourite places in Europe - the Greek Islands.

The legendary tales of the Ancient Greek Gods became the inspiration, and as a homage to their beliefs and what they stood for, we have linked them in an ingenious way to the teas. 

An element of playfulness was used to get you to be imaginative of how each particular God may be linked to the functional benefit in some of the blends. 

 Athena Tea

For example, here are some teas we have perfected:

 Can you figure it out? No? Perhaps a cup of Athena will help. 🙂 


The Story Begins


Our story begins in December 2019 when the inspiration for My Life Tea first introduced itself to us. We went to Morocco for a long weekend break to get away from London’s cold dark winter days for some much-needed sun.


Arriving at the markets, We wandered into one of the stores, where we ended up spending a small fortune on a plethora of herbal teas that the shop keeper said would help with this and that.

We bought a bit of each of them and then continued on with our holiday.


It was only when lockdown 1.0 presented itself to us that we finally got round to giving the kitchen cupboards a spring clean. There, amongst a few out of date items, we rediscovered the Moroccan teas and thought we’d give them a try.


Much to our surprise, the tea made us feel good, just how the Moroccan gent has previously promised.

Hmm…” why isn’t this more of a thing???” Questioning Aarti, who is a very experienced pharmacist. She said that “herbs and spices do have excellent medicinal benefits. It’s just that they’re not well studied because pharmaceutical companies don’t do well to spend billions on the research and development of them.” 


For the next few months,

We militantly scoured through hundreds of evidence-based research papers to collect as much data as possible to establish a list of what herbs provided what benefits, so we could create a range of ultra fine-tuned medicinal herbal teas.


We researched every product on the market too, to see if any companies were already doing this with this amount of care and due diligence, but to no avail. Nothing came close.


The Founders

Aarti - a qualified clinical Pharmacist with almost 2 decades of experience and a passion for helping people and animals. For the last ten years, she has specialised in oncology and haematology. 

David - a driven, go-getter with big ambitions that loves to create and disrupt the norm. He takes care of everything and has orchestrated the project to make sure we get things done.

 What Makes My Life Tea Different?

My Life Tea is a combination of our love of tea and our passion for the astonishing benefits plants and herbs can provide. 

We have created a range of unique and functional herbal teas designed to not only taste delicious but to improve your life. Each ingredient has been carefully researched and picked for those exact reasons. 

Tea Blend

We have been working with experts with decades worth of tea blending experience to get this absolutely right. 

These teas have taken us 3 lockdowns to perfect. Countless cups of tea have been consumed to get the balance of flavour and benefits just right. 

 Tea Benefits

Our products have zero calories, zero sugar, zero fat, and many many health benefits. Packed full of antioxidants, amino acids, vitamins and essential minerals, our teas offer all-natural benefits. 

Say farewell to synthetic ingredients, preservatives, artificial flavouring, artificial colours, refined sugar, sweeteners or other additives. This intelligent alternative is healthier than coffee, cheaper than juicing, and more flavourful than water.


Most people believe loose leaf tea is the highest quality tea to drink, and that tea bags are often made out of a lower grade tea made up of tea leaf dust and fannings. 

In a lot of case they would be right. But our teas have been entirely blended by hand right here in the UK. 

No blending drums or mixing machines are used, so the herbs don’t get crushed. 

What we have developed are beautiful loose leaf teas using only high quality, sustainable, organic, ethically sourced ingredients to ensure they meet our brief of taste and functionality. They’re bagged in spacious pyramid tea bags giving you the fine experience of drinking a loose leaf tea and still allowing all of the herb’s essential oils, flavours, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants to be extracted, without the boring, and laborious preparation that comes with brewing loose tea. 


We are passionate about the planet we live on and are determined to leave it in a better way than we found it. Our ethos from the very start was to produce a product that was environmentally friendly.

Our teas are bagged in soilon tea bags that are made from corn starches, which makes the bags biorenewable. This type of mesh is commercially biodegradable and free from any form of plastic. 

 Tea Benefits

There are many benefits for you by drinking our teas. From helping you attain goals like losing weight, helping you sleep or improving your brain function. 

The only way to know if My Life tea is right for you is to give it a try. 

Our Promise

Our pledge to you is we can help you be your best self. We promise to give you a great product that will keep you coming back for more.