Best Herbal Teas for Men

Jul 19, 21

Best Herbal Teas for Men




Some people associate tea drinking with women socialising and do not think about the vast number of men who enjoy tea. Most of the focus of tea drinking articles and advice is directed at women’s health due to this bias.

Many teas are perfect for supporting men’s health, and many men are missing out on necessary nutrients that they could be getting from herbal teas in their daily diet. Herbal teas also offer various benefits related to pain management and other kinds of supportive care that many people are not aware of.

Green Tea

Green Tea: This is a great tea for men to add to their diet if they want to prevent prostate cancer, control their stress, and prevent Alzheimers. This tea is also a great fat-burner and can help with troublesome pounds that won’t fall off. This is also a caffeinated tea, making it a great and healthy choice for a pick me up.

 Ginger Tea

Ginger Tea: Ginger has many health benefits, and with relation to men’s health, it treats low libido, promotes hair growth and is a testosterone booster. This is a great tea to add to your diet if you feel less virile and energetic than before.

Rooibos Tea

Rooibos Tea: This is a great tea to protect the liver’s health, and it reduces high blood pressure, which more commonly affects men than women. This is also a great tea for diabetes prevention, and it supports circulatory health which can stave off heart attacks.

Hibiscus Tea

Hibiscus Tea: This is a great tea for blood pressure regulation and can also help with ageing signs. This is also a tea that has been shown to help with prostate health. This tea is also much milder than some others on the list and is a good fit for those who do not enjoy strong-tasting teas. Fruit and flower-based teas are usually much milder than black or red teas.

Many of these teas are also available in blends, making it possible to simultaneously receive more than one of these benefits in the same cup of tea. While grocery store teas can be easy to source and are affordable, it is always best to get your tea from a supplier who specialises in loose teas, or fresh teas—the more fresh the tea, the better the nutritional, medicinal value of the tea. Loose teas are often more flavorful than boxed teas as well, making them more enjoyable to drink.

If you are not a fan of the taste of tea but want to drink it for your health, add some organic honey or a touch of your favourite sweetener, and you will enjoy it that much more! Being able to offer your body the health benefits of tea daily can lengthen your life, make you healthier and more energetic, and even stave off the ageing process!

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