Tea vs Coffee Caffeine

Sep 25, 21

Tea vs Coffee Caffeine

Tea vs Coffee Caffeine

If you love coffee, you might scoff at the idea that tea could replace your coffee. You might even be wondering if tea or coffee is better for your health.

Certainly, people have a taste preference for one or the other in most cases, but is there any reason to choose one of these drinks over another for health reasons?

If you have been told that tea is better for you than coffee, you have probably responded that coffee is not considered bad for you unless you drink too much of it. This might be the case, but there are pros and cons to both drinks.

Overall, the choice between tea and coffee is not a choice that needs to be fraught with difficult choices. You can, however, learn more about the benefits and the downsides of each before you decide if you want to switch from one drink to the other.

If you are ready to learn more about whether tea or coffee is better for you, read on!

Cons of Coffee

Coffee is associated with a few major downsides that might make it the wrong choice for you to make for your health. While coffee can wake you up, you can become jittery, lightheaded, nauseous, and feel like your heart is pounding if you drink too much.

People who are very sensitive to the effects of caffeine, high blood pressure, irregular heartbeats, and stomach aches can all be linked to drinking coffee regularly.

Coffee also can be too intense for some people as far as taste, which can lead to people adding a lot of sugars and creamer to their coffee. This increased sugar content can be bad for you, particularly if you are trying to lose weight or working hard to avoid excess sugars.

Cons of Tea

Black tea has less caffeine than coffee, which can be better for you if you are very sensitive to the effects of caffeine, but it can be a detraction if you need the extra kick of caffeine to wake you up each day and keep you going throughout your workday.

Black tea is also an acquired taste for some people, and tea drinkers who are putting lots of sugar and creamer, and milk into their tea can negate some of the health benefits of this drink by doing so.

Black tea can also cause some people to experience stomach aches since it is more acidic than other drinks that you might want to enjoy to wake up in the morning.

This can be a risk with coffee as well, and for people who are sensitive to acidic products, the chance for stomach aches might be the same with either drink.

Benefits of Coffee and Tea

Both coffee and many tea varieties have been linked with improved heart health and better circulation in the body. They have also been shown to reduce heart disease risk and help support healthy brain function.

Coffee by itself is very healthy so long as you aren't drinking it in excess, and many people find that they feel better and have better luck at maintaining a workout routine each day when they drink their coffee.

Teas are full of antioxidants which can help you to fight ageing processes and to feel energetic. These antioxidants are present in coffee but at a reduced amount.

While teas might provide less caffeine than coffee, you will still be able to get a good solid pick-me-up out of a black tea or certain green teas.

Tea and coffee have both also been linked to weight loss and better blood sugar regulation. So long as you are not putting a bunch of sugar and added creamers or milk into either of these drinks, you will benefit from better blood sugar regulation when you drink at least one cup of black tea or coffee a day.

There are more positives than negatives with either of these drinks on your side, and you will find that most of the benefits related to one versus the other are taste-based.

Many people will prefer one kind of drink over the other, and there are not many reasons to switch from your coffee habit to a black tea habit unless you want to do so. If you love both kinds of drinks, you can keep things fresh by switching from one to the other once in a while.

Tea and Coffee Are Both Good For You

Tea and coffee can run a pretty even race when it comes to health benefits. Both of these drinks will keep you awake, alert and support healthy brain function. Both drinks have antioxidants that fight off ageing and make you feel more awake and energised each day. They are also both very delicious.

Choosing between coffee and tea is a matter of personal choice and has very little to do with health benefits overall. If you love your daily coffee regimen and don't want to change to tea, you do not have to. If you are happy with your tea habit, then you can stick with that plan as well.

Both coffee and tea offer numerous health benefits, and you can enjoy all of the healthy offerings of both drinks if you wish.

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