What is Marshmallow Tea and What Can it Do For You?

Jan 30, 21

What is Marshmallow Tea and What Can it Do For You?

Marshmallow tea is not as well known as many other teas, but it is a traditional medicinal herb with many great properties that people are missing out on. Marshmallow root is the root of a flowering plant. Marshmallow has been used for centuries until modern medicine made it a thing of a past.

Adding a cup of Marshmallow tea to your daily diet can support your body’s overall health in so many ways that it doesn’t make sense to miss out on these benefits. This tea is safe for all ages and makes it a great supplement to your family’s healthy diet.

Relieves Coughs

Relieves Coughs: One of the primary uses for Marshmallow root has always been to treat colds and coughs. This tea has a soothing property which acts like a throat lozenge and can reduce nighttime coughing. Marshmallow can also treat fever, so this is a great evening choice if you are fighting a cold.

Dry Mouth

Relieves Dry Mouth: For those on medicines that cause dry mouth, this annoying and uncomfortable condition can be alleviated healthily by Marshmallow tea. You can also get the root in lozenges when you can’t conveniently drink a cup of tea.


Treats Ulcers: Marshmallow is used commonly for gastric distress, preventing and treating ongoing ulcers. The mucilage component of Marshmallow root effectively blocks stomach acid, making it possible to heal gastric ulcers more readily than with over the counter medications alone.

Soothes the Skin

Soothes the Skin: Marshmallow root has been shown in studies to help treat many different skin conditions, such as eczema and sunburn. When used in combination with proper sunscreen, this tea can also help prevent sun damage and sunburn. Marshmallow root is great at reducing inflammation, so adding some Marshmallow tea to your summer routine can really help you fight off the damage done by the sun or treat skin conditions that do not enjoy the hotter part of the year.


Prevents and Treats Heartburn: Marshmallow root has been shown in studies to help coat the oesophagus, making it a big help when treating ongoing reflux or preventing damage from reflux that is related to an illness or a medication that might be causing gastric distress. Marshmallow is excellent at coating and soothing the stomach and the oesophagus, making it a one-stop remedy for many stomach ailments.

Marshmallow root tea is one of the most effective herbal teas out there, and if you are struggling with stomach issues or skin issues, it is capable of making your life so much more comfortable. For those who have kids in the house, having some Marshmallow tea on hand to treat coughs, colds and fevers, is a great decision and it will cut down on your use of over the counter medications to treat common colds and flu. Improving your health daily while also having on hand a great treatment for a variety of illnesses is a great bit of peace of mind for anyone.

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