Herbal Teas to Improve Your Memory and Mental Well-Being

Dec 09, 20

Herbal Teas to Improve Your Memory and Mental Well-Being

Practically everyone is busy these days. Even teenagers have more schoolwork than ever that they need to try and get done each day so they can relax. If you have been feeling like you need a boost to your mental well-being, your memory and your ability to clarify your thoughts, herbal tea might be the answer! These herbal teas will help you to focus your thoughts, make it through the day with a clear head and get ahead of the curve so you can have some downtime to just relax!

If you are finding that you are anxious, or your thoughts are cloudy, or you just can’t make it through the day without losing focus, these teas will help to get you out of your funk and back on track!

Lavender Tea

Lavender Tea: This classic helps you to focus by soothing you and calming your body. Being stressed can impair clear thoughts and wear you out! This tea relieves anxiety, stress and even helps with muscle tension. You will also see a benefit to tension headaches and restless thoughts! Add this tea to help you to recover from a long day to wake up with a fresh start the next day!

Gotu Kola:  This is a common Chinese tea that is used in ayurvedic medicine. This is a nerve tonic that treats depression and anxiety and also helps you to open your consciousness. It can increase your memory capacity and helps with the recall of information. This is a classic healing tea that also helps with your day to day tasks!

Gingko Biloba

Ginko Biloba:  Another classic eastern tea, this is the right tea to pick for memory. This tea helps with mental clarity and has been used for thousands of years to improve brain health. It increases the oxygen in your blood as well, giving you a pick me up on days where you are struggling to focus. This is a great day-time tea for improved mental function.

St. John’s Wort

St. John’s Wort:  This classic tea is a great help if anxiety and tension are the reason that your thoughts are jumbled. This tea helps with elevating your mood and calming your nerves. This tea combines well with a regimen of daily ginko tea and is the perfect companion for the end of the day to help you wind down. Being in a better frame of mind at night leads to better sleep, happier dreams and a feeling of contentment that will help your body to recover from a stressful day.

Adding any of these helpful teas to your daily routine will help you to recover from chaotic days will improve your memory and help your brain to heal, then it is overtaxed. Taking care of your brain is essential to your overall well-being, and these teas will keep your thoughts fresh and clear and help your brain to detox from the events of the day.

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