Best Herbal Tea for Your Kidneys

Mar 16, 21

Best Herbal Tea for Your Kidneys

As many of us get older, we realise that we need to care for our health in more ways than we used to. Eating a balanced diet can help a lot, but there are other ways to support your health that many people are not aware of. Herbal teas are a great way to support your health, and many people are not aware that they have so many awesome healing properties.

For those looking to support their kidney health due to an ongoing illness or something like a bout with food poisoning, there are herbal teas that can help you do that. The kidneys can get direct benefits from herbal teas because they are a major part of the process which utilises liquid in the body.

Dandelion Tea

Dandelion Tea: This mild and grassy-tasting tea treats a whole host of ailments effectively, but it is particularly effective at treating kidney issues. Dandelions are often thought of as weeds, but they are actually full of healthy antioxidants and other vitamins imparted to the body by drinking this tea. The flavour is a popular one, even with kids, and this tea can soothe an upset bladder and support better urinary tract health.

Red Clover Tea

Red Clover: Known for its anti-inflammatory properties, red clover tea is not as common as some other teas, but can usually be purchased at a tea shop. This tea is great for helping to support kidneys in decline, and red clover tea can also support healthy oestrogen levels in women going through menopause and are experiencing bladder issues related to this change in their bodies.

Nettle Tea

Nettle Tea: This is a surprisingly flavourful tea and is often used in cleanses for many parts of the body. Nettles are full of vitamins, but nettle also has the ability to reduce inflammation and increase blood flow. This makes nettle tea a great choice if you have a bladder infection or perhaps had a bit too much to drink the night before and are trying to flush your system gently.

Ginger Tea

Ginger Tea: Always a classic because of its powerful anti-inflammatory properties, ginger tea is great for the bladder. It can soothe away inflammation and help prevent future bladder infections. This is a delicious tea, and it can also help to soothe your stomach. If you are taking antibiotics for an infection, ginger tea can help your stomach to feel better while you are being treated, making it helpful to your overall kidney health in more ways than one.

These teas are all beneficial in many other ways beyond their ability to support your bladder health. Adding one or all of them to your daily diet will help you get the vitamins and antioxidants you need while also making sure that your bladder and kidneys are healthy long term. Bladder health is essential for men in their 40s and onwards and for pre-menopausal women. These teas can help people of all ages to feel better and be healthy every day.

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