Best Herbal Tea for a Cold

Nov 07, 20

Best Herbal Tea for a Cold

Feeling sick and having to carry on with your day can be exhausting. If you have kids to keep up with, or a job that won't let you have time off, you might feel like you can't get ahead of your cold and rest enough to heal up.

Best Herbal Tea for a Cold

For many people, over the counter medications make them more groggy and fatigued. If you are tired of trying to get well while feeling like you are in a fog, herbal tea can help! These herbal teas will help you to get back on your feet and feel better!


Echinacea: This flower that comes from North America has long been linked with immune health and has been shown to reduce the time of illness by more than 50%. In pill form, it does not taste very good at all, but in tea form, it is palatable and will help you to warm up your clogged sinuses and soothe a sore throat while also giving a boost to your immune system. This is a good preventative tea to add to your daily routine during cold and flu season as well.


Elderberry: Elderberries are packed full of health-boosting antioxidants and are well known to have the ability to cut days off of an illness. This tea tastes delicious and has a pick me up effect as well, which can be nice during a long day when you don't feel your best. Add this tea to your daily routine during times when you think you might get sick for a stronger immune system.


Chamomile:  Chamomile tea makes almost every list of healthy teas because it offers up such a wide array of benefits. It can help you to sleep, even when you don't feel good and it is an anti-inflammatory, making it a big help when your head feels clogged by a cold or if you are running a fever. This mild tea also tastes great, making it a good option to help you to stay hydrated when your taste buds are making all food and drink seem bland and tasteless.


Peppermint:  If you are coughing a lot, this is the right tea for you to drink. Peppermint has natural menthol in it, making it an excellent cough suppressant. It also can soothe an upset stomach and has a significant anti-inflammatory effect. This is a great all-around tea that many people use as part of their daily regimen for prevention as well as treatment.

These yummy teas will help you to get back on track the next time you are sick. Use just one or take them all as a means of treating a wide range of symptoms so that you can feel better. Keeping your immune system healthy is a very important part of long-term health, and these teas will keep you from getting sick so easily in the future!

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