Best Herbs to Make Your Own Teas

Nov 10, 20

Best Herbs to Make Your Own Teas

If you love herbal tea and have always wanted to make your own, some great herbs choices are easy to make into tea, especially while you are learning. Whether you are going to grow some of these items in your herb garden or pick them up at a supply store, knowing which herbs to start with to learn the process will make it much more fun for you in the beginning.

Always store your tea blends in a glass jar in the dark. You will want to start with 1 tsp of each herb per cup of water, and taste. Add

If you love herbal tea and have always wanted to make your own, some great herbs choices are easy to make into tea, especially while you are learning.  subtract to your liking and write down your favourite blends for future use!


Elderberries: These offer up a spicy and sweet note and are great for your immune system. They blend well with elderflower and chamomile.


Echinacea: This slightly bitter herb needs to be paired with other, sweeter notes, but it offers up great immune benefits and will help you to get over illnesses and protect your immune system from threats year-round.

Rose Hips

Rose Hips: This is a classic choice for a lovely traditional flavour, and they also offer up a great vitamin benefit to your tea blends. Rose hips are also a strong flavouring agent, so they can drown out slightly more bitter selections that might be necessary in your blends.


Chamomile: This classic makes a great tea all by itself but can be added to blends with other immune-stimulating herbs. This is also a really friendly flavour profile to add any tea because most people really like chamomile tea.


Lemongrass: While this is a firm flavour profile to add to your tea, some people really like it, and it has great pick me up properties. Lemongrass is great for your skin and offers detox properties along with being fresh and delicious.


Ginger: For a stomach-soothing tea, add some ginger. This is a nice flavour to add to any tea and often calls up comforting thoughts of Christmas flavours and holiday snacks. This is a great anti-inflammatory addition to tea as well.

Mixing your own tea can be a gratifying process since you can make your own favourite blends and develop them in any direction that you prefer. While many quality teas on the market offer up these same benefits, they are sometimes not as fresh as teas that you make yourself and they will not always be balanced in the way that you would prefer.

Always steep your tea for at least 5 minutes and make sure to use very hot water to bring out the properties that are beneficial in each of your ingredients. You will get the best flavour and the best healing properties from all of your ingredients if you make sure to steep your homemade tea properly. Happy tea mixing!

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