Best Herbal Tea For Your Aura

Nov 24, 20

Best Herbal Tea For Your Aura

For many people, eating healthy is not just a good habit, it’s a way of life. If you are trying to manage your health and your spiritual wellness every day, you are going to have more luck if you eat and drink the right things.

Your aura is made up of layers of energy that are combined together. This energy can become unbalanced, and you will suffer negative health effects. Providing your aura with the right nutrients can help it to heal and stay strong, even when threatened by outside influences.

Some beneficial herbal teas can make your aura resilient and strong. You will want to add a single cup of these teas to your daily routine, and you will feel your spiritual self and your physical health improve almost right away!

Rose and Sage

Rose and Sage: This is a wonderful tea to use if you want to purge negativity out of your aura and help your positive energy to resurge. Make sure that you steep this tea for about 5 to ten minutes so that you get the full benefit of its healing properties. Sage has long been held to rid homes and spaces of negative energy, and it can do the same for your aura. Be sure to think meditative thoughts as you drink and channel your personal spiritual energy into healing thoughts.

Yarrow and Peppermint

Yarrow and Peppermint: Yarrow is a great healing herb for the aura. It is similar in energy to rose, but it has a more protective quality. It helps your body to build defences. This is a great tea to push negative things away from your aura. The peppermint in the tea will give your aura energy and purpose, and it is overall an invigorating herb that will make your body and spirit light and free. The peppermint also helps to mask the slightly bitter taste of the yarrow and can help soothe an upset stomach. If you suffer from a nervous stomach related to emotional concerns, this tea will help you to refocus on the positive things in your life by making your insides feel better.

Always be sure to avoid these teas if you are pregnant as herbal teas have been thought to be linked to negative impacts on pregnancy. Remember that eating the right foods and drinking the right liquids is not enough to keep your aura fresh and healthy. You will want to be certain to practice daily meditation as well as being good at mindfulness resets when you need them.

Healing your aura is a many-faceted process, but these teas can help to get you back on track! If you have been feeling down, or sad, or sick, make sure to add one of these teas and take the time to recenter yourself. After a week or two of this regimen, you will feel much improved. For those who are more active, adding yoga to your routine will be of great assistance as it accesses your chakras while also healing your aura.

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