Which Kinds of Music Help With Anxiety?

Oct 11, 20

Which Kinds of Music Help With Anxiety?

If you are suffering from anxiety, you are not alone. Many adults and even teenagers, struggle with daily stress and anxiety that makes it hard for them to perform daily tasks and to meet goals. Social anxiety is also on the rise, and recent world events are causing people to feel isolated and scared.

Music is a language all its own, but it can also offer up powerful psychological stress relief that is often overlooked when people are treating anxiety.

If you are struggling with anxiety and nothing seems to be helping, you might have been missing out on the benefits of music to help with your anxiety. Music is a language all its own, but it can also offer up powerful psychological stress relief that is often overlooked when people are treating anxiety.

You might be wondering which kinds of music you need to listen to in order to calm down. Everyone is different, and experiences music differently. You and your spouse or your friends might feel completely opposed to a certain type of music, and that is totally all right! Everyone experiences music in unique ways, and there is no right or wrong answer to seeking relaxation and stress reduction through musical therapy.

Slow Music with Reducing Tempo: If you feel that your heart is racing, it is a good idea to listen to slow music that tends to have a slowly reducing rhythm throughout the song. There are many mood music artists who create music like this which might start out a bit more energetic and then slowly fall off to a slower beat. The reason that this works is that your heartbeat will slow with the tempo of the song, automatically calming you down without any conscious decision. This type of music is also helpful if you are struggling to sleep.

Hums and Chants: Monk chanting and other forms of similar vocalizations that are steady and slow in their tempo are common forms of music used to treat anxiety. You will find that this type of collective communication directed at your body will help slow your heart rate down and lull your anxious mind to peacefulness. This music helps to calm racing thoughts because your mind syncs up with the chants and allows your brain to stop turning restlessly around and around.

Flute and Pan Flute: For some people, flute music is highly relaxing. This might be because this music taps into a tribal aspect of our collective experience that brings forth calm and a sense of being centred in the universe. For those who find social interaction and daily stresses totally overwhelming, this type of music often helps to calm nerves, slow heart rate, and has even been shown to reduce cortisol in the bloodstream.

There is no wrong or right answer when you are looking for musical support to treat your anxiety. For many people, a collection of different musical treatments are required to create relaxation. You may find that on some days, flute music is the right answer for you, while on others, you need to listen to a chant-based song. Explore your options and enjoy the power of musical therapy every day to help stay calm, centred and happy in your daily life.

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