Best Ambient Noise for Deep Sleep

Oct 11, 20

Best Ambient Noise for Deep Sleep

If you are a light sleeper, you know the frustration of trying to fall asleep when it's noisy in the street or when you are worried or anxious. Many people are unaware of the value of ambient noise when trying to create healthy sleep patterns. If you have been struggling with restless nights and have been having issues keeping your eyes open at work, maybe ambient noise is the thing you need to get you some deep and restful sleep!

autumn rain

Pink Noise

This noise pattern is all the frequencies that we can hear, but the energy spread is variable across certain spectrums of the sound. This noise is like rustling leaves, steady rain or the wind outside your window. For some people, this tonal range helps them to sleep deeply and restfully all night. If sudden noises, such as a barking dog or a car horn jolt you awake, pink noise will help your brain to ignore those sounds and stay asleep.

white noise

White Noise

This is the classic go-to for sleep aids with ambient noise. This noise is distributed across all frequencies, unlike pink noise. This is a sound like a whirring fan, the humming of an air conditioner and other such steady tones. This is a louder form of ambient noise, but it drowns out more sound. If you are trying to sleep where is it quite noisy or if you want to drown out a concert or people talking this is the ambient noise to use.

thunder red noise

Brown Noise

Also referred to as red noise, this sound profile has higher energy levels but at a lower frequency. This is like low roaring, strongly running water or thunder. This sound profile is thought to help induce deep sleep rather than drown out ambient noises.


Black Noise

This is the absence of noise. This sound profile is actually the absence of sound. This is not always achievable in your living arrangement, but for some people, sound-deadening technologies can be applied to a room to allow for true black noise, and therefore, deeper sleep.

Many phone apps offer up these sound profiles so you can try them out and see if they help you to sleep. There are also more expensive sound units that generate these sound profiles and also custom blends of nature sounds, rain, running water and ocean noises. Everyone is different, so experiment with various sound profiles to find the one that works best for you!

The benefits of a phone app are that it is going to be able to travel with you, making an app perfect for travel locations that affect your sleep or for business travel. If you find that you have success with a sound profile one night, try it for a week before moving on to another type of sound. Sometimes the effects of the sound profile will grow stronger over time as your brain grows used to the sleep aid that you have utilised.

Getting good sleep is important to overall health and being able to sleep well, no matter where you are, can be possible with these helpful noise profiles.

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