What is Parsley Tea and What Can it do For You?

Mar 07, 21

What is Parsley Tea and What Can it do For You?

Many people think of parsley as a herb that is used in cooking. Parsley actually makes an excellent tea that offers up a whole host of health benefits. If you have wanted to make the transition to add more healthy foods and drinks to your diet, parsley tea might be the right choice!

Parsley is a widespread herb, so parsley tea is not hard to source or expensive to buy. For many people, this is a refreshing tea option that they did not know existed, and it can be made from live leaves or dried tea as well.

Antioxidant Packed

Antioxidant Packed: Parsley is absolutely brimming with antioxidants. It also has very high levels of Vitamins A, C and E. This means that you will support your body’s overall health and prevent cancer, kidney and liver disease and general ageing by adding parsley tea to your daily diet.

Oestrogenic Effect

Has an Oestrogenic Effect: For those struggling with hormone imbalance or menopause, parley tea can be a big help. In studies, parsley tea has been shown to help control menstruation and improve the symptoms of menopause in older women or those going through premature menopause.

Bad Breath

Treats Bad Breath: If you are taking a medication that causes halitosis, or struggles with the condition daily, parsley tea has been shown to help improve your breath and to reduce bacteria in the mouth. This means that your morning cup of tea could also help with your dental health and hygiene!


Is a Great Anti-Inflammatory: Parsley is a great anti-inflammatory in studies and can improve joint pain related to arthritis, reduce swelling from injuries, and treat skin conditions driven by inflammatory responses. For those who struggle with UTIs and other urinary tract conditions, parsley can help ensure that those pesky bacteria and the related inflammation stay away for good. Parsley tea can also help treat the discomfort associated with an ongoing urinary tract infection.

Treating many health conditions with the same tea is a great benefit to taking advantage of herbal teas’ power. For many people, tea is just a drink that is offered to them at social gatherings. However, if you choose to research herbal teas’ healing properties, you will find that your enjoyable cup of tea can also help you feel healthier, live longer, and ward off health conditions.

Adding one cup of parsley tea to your daily routine is well worth the small amount of time invested in preparing it. Combine your parsley tea with other efficacious herbal teas, and you will be amazed at your energy, enthusiasm for life and your overall good health.

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